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Gopher Snake mimicking a Rattlesnake

Common name: Pacific gopher snake, coast gopher snake, western gopher snake. Pituophis catenifer is a species of nonvenomous colubrid snake endemic to ...

Interesting Gopher snake Facts

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Slithery Snakes of the California Grasslands

Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! http://bit.ly/BWchannel Coyote Peterson is heading into the grasslands of the Santa Cruz Mountains to seek out some of the resident ...

Sonoran Gopher Snake Eating

This was the first attempt feeding this Gopher Snake. All went well. I've just had it a couple days since catching it in the wild. It's basically 20.5\

World's biggest gopher snake

I went hiking today and found this guy.

Getting bitten by a Gopher Snake!

I was shooing a small Gopher Snake off the trail tonight... at first hit struck (and \

Wild Friendly Gopher Snake Hangs Out

or who knows what you'll find under Whoopie's Pool II -- a gorgeous very unique pale pituophis melanoleucus (gopher snake) in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona ...

Gopher snake on the trail dogs have no idea

Gopher snake sunbathing in the middle of the trail dogs have no idea until it started to move.

Gopher Snake

Gopher Snake.

Gopher Snake Hissing

Great Basin Gopher Snake hissing. The snake was over 4 feet long, and was found near Kamloops, BC.

Rattlesnake Vs. Gopher Snake

A comparison between rattlesnakes and gophersnakes.

My resident Gopher Snake digging....


One Of The Most Beautiful Wild Gopher Snakes I've Ever Found

I love finding snakes especially ones that are as beautiful as this baby gopher snake. I hope you enjoy the video. Brian Gundy For Goodness Snakes ...

Gopher Snake Feeding.

Pituophis Catenifer (Gopher Snake) \

King snake versus gopher snake

A California king snake knotted up a gopher snake thinking it would have a tasty meal. What transpired was a lengthy argument. We spent about 25 minutes ...

California Kingsnake's Gopher Snake Meal

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park's Office Tech discovered this scene as he walked outside the Nix Nature Center. None of the staff had ever seen one snake ...

Gopher snake: mock rattle (turn your sound up!)

The harmless gopher snake has the ability to vibrate its tail on nearby items (such as this block wall) to make a mock rattle sound to frighten predators. This is not ...

4K CC. Big Happy Gopher Snake, Catching Reptile & Amphibian pets in AZ CA NV TX Herping HD

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Sonoran gopher snakes

via YouTube Capture.

Snake VS Gopher

Kathy uses a live natural gopher control in her garden only to discover she is a murderer of babies.

Red Tail Hawk vs Gopher Snake


Letting go a baby gopher snake! So cute!


Update: Pacific Gopher Snake

My 3 Foot Long Female Pacific Gopher Snake.

S'N'A GUIDES: Bull Snakes (Pituophis catenfier sayi)


Brian Gundy Catches Baby Santa Cruz Gopher Snake

Gopher snakes along with garter snakes are probably the most common snake in the San Francisco Bay Area, but they are always fun to find them in the wild.

Feeding My gopher Snake

A live hopper.

Gopher snake dinner

Rambo's dinner.

San Diego Gopher Snake (California)

San Diego Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer annectens), sub-adult. It was sunning itself on a highly trafficked path - like right there at the park entrance - so I ...

are albino gopher snake and setup

are albino gopher snake and setup.

Mouse Trap and Gopher Snake


Gopher Snake Strike, Hissing, Tail Rattle

Unfortunately can't see much of the tail rattling.

Baby gopher snake

I found this little guy near the jacuzzi. We've seen a lot or animals poolside during this heat wave, including a young bobcat.

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